Ethiopian army today liberates Shire, Raya, Mehoni

Ethiopian army today liberates Shire, Raya, Mehoni


Continuing its advance to Mekele, Ethiopian defense force has liberated today several towns including Shire, Mehoni, Raya, among others.

Ethiopian Army resumes its restoration of rule of law operation today after the leaders of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) failed to surrender in the 72 hours the Government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave them. The army stated that in the eastern front the army has fully liberated the town of Raya, Chercher, Guguftu, and Mehoni. In the western front the Ethiopian Army has dismantled concrete bunkers in Adidebril, and Adidaro towns and heading to Axum.

Unable to resist the attack of the federal army, the TPLF militia and special force is forced to retreat, according to the breaking news of the state broadcaster – ETV, which quoted Ethiopia State of Emergency. The report is indicated that during today’s battle Ethiopian army has captured many weapons with militias and special force of TPLF.

It is indicated that the Ethiopian military is now advancing to Mekele, the capital of Tigray Region of Ethiopia where the last battle is expected in the coming few days or week. The military confrontation between the Ethiopian Army and TPLF militia has began two weeks ago when the later attacked the federal army command in northern Ethiopia Tigray Region by killing many soldiers and robbing artilleries, which Ethiopian Government described as treason.

TPLF, which led Ethiopia from 1991 till the ruling coalition Abiy Ahmed as its new chairman in April 2018. Refusing to accept its loss in the election, which concluded its political and economic dominance in Ethiopia, the majority of hardliners whose family members are in Europe and North America have decided to oppose the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy who immediately launched political and economic reform.

For over the past two years the TPLF hardliners including those who are implicated in grand corruption, crimes against humanity, have decided to run from justice and hide in Mekele City from where they have been conspiring and preparing to overthrow Abiy administration with arms struggle. Bragging that they have managed to overthrow the Derg Regime of Mengistu Hailemariam in 1991, the TPLF hardliners have been vowing that if they don’t rule Ethiopia, the country will be turned into pieces and destabilized.