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Ethiopia suspends Ethiopian Airlines privatization

The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia said it has suspended the partial privatization of the fully stat

Ethiopia to invite bidders for Ethio Telecom, two licenses in October

The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia today indicated next month it will invite international telecom o

Ethio telecom to sell 5 percent share to domestic investors

The Government of Ethiopia announced its plan to sell five percent of the share of the fully state ow

Ethiopia to sell 40 percent of Ethio Telecom

By retaining 60 percent, the Government of Ethiopia is set to sell 40% of Ethio Telecom ending the st

Ethiopia invites South African investors to buy State enterprises

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, who was in a two – day’s state visit in South Africa in

Ethiopian telecom regulators meet global investors

The recently established Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) today host a consultation meeting o

Ethiopian Airlines generates $4.2 billion revenue

Ethiopia Airlines Group generates total revenue of 114.6 billion birr (about $4.2 billion) during the

Ethiopia’s privatization urgency sparks debate

Intellectuals and business leaders gathered in Addis Ababa this morning debate about the benefits of

Deconstructing the privatization scam – A very British disease

By Kebour Ghenna – In Ethiopia, the next big item for sale is the Ethio Telecom. The Prime Mini