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Experts to reflect on sustainable industrialization in Africa

The UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) will hold its fifty-third session and the Conference of t

Ethiopia coronavirus cases surpasses 151,000

The total number of people infected by the global pandemic coronavirus in Ethiopia surpasses 151,850.

1,131 COVID-19 patients in Ethiopia recover in 24 hours

In the last 24 hours 1,131 Ethiopians have recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19) while the country re

Ethiopia to deploy additional 50,000 election facilitators

To effectively undertake the upcoming general election of Ethiopia protecting citizens from the globa

Ethiopia to distribute 50 million facemasks to schools

As the country is set to open schools as of end of October, the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia sai

Ethiopia set to reopen schools in October

The Minister of education of Ethiopia gave green light for schools closed because of the global pande

Ethiopia COVID-19 death toll approaches 800

The total number of people who lost their lives by coronavirus (COVID-19) has approached 800 after th

Ethiopia daily COVID-19 case increases to 1778

Ethiopia reported 1,778 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the last 24 hours after conducting labora

Ethiopia daily coronavirus cases surges to 1,650

The number of confirmed daily coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Ethiopia has increased 1,652, the Minis