Ethiopia reports 915 coronavirus cases in a day

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia on Saturday said it has found 915 new coronavirus cases in a single day and reported 11 deaths from the pandemic.

The figure is the largest daily coronavirus cases the country has reported so far. In the last 24 hours the country has conducted coronavirus laboratory tests for 8,957 people. So far Ethiopia has found a total of 17, 530 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Out of the total, 10, 304 patients are getting medical treatment of which 138 are in critical condition, according to the daily report of the Ministry. The total number of people who recovered from the pandemic in Ethiopia so far has increased to 6,950.

The daily report of the Ministry also stated that 11 people have died by the global pandemic in the last 24 hours, while 187 have recovered. This has increased the total number of people died by COVID-19 in Ethiopia so far to 274.