Ethiopia to increase COVID-19 daily testing to 14,000

Ethiopia to increase COVID-19 daily testing to 14,000


BY ESKEDAR WERASH AYELE – As the number of coronavirus cases increases, the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia said it will increase COVID-19 laboratory testing capacity to 14,000 per day from around 11,000.

This is indicated today by the Minister of Health of Ethiopia, Dr. Liya Kebede, during her daily coronavirus update. She indicated that though the capacity of the country to conduct laboratory tests stand at around 11,000 people per day, the Ministry was testing about 9,000 people per day to the maximum.

So far some 15,200 people are reportedly confirmed COVID-19 positive in Ethiopia. Currently 8,433 patients are under treatment and 66 in critical condition, according to the daily report of the Ministry. Meanwhile, as the number of COVID-19 positive people has been growing, the Ministry will be increasing to 14,000 people per day as of next week, according to Minister Dr. Liya. In the last 24 hours 11 people have died by COVID-19, which has increased the total number of deaths in Ethiopia to 239.

The daily report also stated that the Ministry has found 653 new coronavirus cases after conducting laboratory tests for So far Ethiopia has conducted 395,851 laboratory tests. In the last 24 hours 170 patients have recovered from the disease increasing the total number of recoveries to 6,526.