Why Ethiopians denounce TPLF aggression, foreign interference

Why Ethiopians denounce TPLF aggression, foreign interference

Denouncing the ongoing military aggression of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) to destabilize Ethiopia and interference of some countries in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, Ethiopians living in Sudan organized public rally over the weekend.

The demonstrators on Friday in Sudan have made public demonstrations, vowing to support Ethiopia’s Government effort to restore law and order in the northern part of the country in every way possible. The demonstrators rejected the undue external pressures on the government of Ethiopia and other meddlings in the internal affairs of the country, according to the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

Why Ethiopians denounce TPLF aggression, foreign interference
Why Ethiopians denounce TPLF aggression, foreign interference

Speaking at the occasion, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Sudan, Ambassador Yibeltal Aemero appreciated the demonstrators for rejecting attempts that compromised the wellbeing of the country.

He said the corrupt and divisive TPLF should have been condemned for its atrocious acts and using women, children, and the elderly of Tigray as cannon fodders. Ambassador Yibletal also said Ethiopia would win the just war against the racist TPLF and ensure the survival and wellbeing of the state.

In this regard, he expressed his confidence that Ethiopians living in Sudan would continue supporting the Ethiopian Defense Forces and the government and stemming TPLF propaganda.

Mounting pressure on Ethiopian Government 

Reports show that foreign powers such as, the United States and European Union have been pressuring the Ethiopian Government in an attempt to rescue their former ally – TPLF, which has been on power in Ethiopia for close to three decades since May 1991. While the U.S. has rushed to saction Ethiopian offcials with travel bans.

The EU has also moved to table a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia ignoring UN and Ethiopian Human Rights organizations joint investigations about the alleged crimes committed during the rule of law restoration operation by the Ethiopian forces in Tigray.

The fact that the United States and European Union have decided not to condemn the recent invasion of Sudanese army that occupied the disputed areas which was under the Ethiopian territory until Ethiopian troops moved to tackle TPLF aggression in the north, suggests the hidden agenda of these countries towards Ethiopia and the East Africa, according to some independent analyssts. A covert operation is currently underway with a center in Nairobi, Kenya to destabilize Ethiopia with manufacturing and dessemination of fake reports under C2FC project, according to the latest investigation by Geopolitics Press, which expossed the conspiracy at play by EU and the United States.

TPLF, U.S. and EU ties

It is recalled that it was in May 1991 that the TPLF has come to power with arms struggle with the support from the CIA of the United Sates and MI6 of the British who during the cold war were at odds with the Marxist Regime of President Mengistru Hailemariam of Ethiopia.

After leading the country for over 27 years, the TPLF-dominated ruling coalition, has unexpectedly elected Abiy Ahmed as its chairman in April 2018 following the resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn after years political unrest and popular uprising against the dictator regime.

Meanwhile refusing to accept its defeat, the TPLF, which claims to represent some 6 percent population Tigray ethnic people out of the total of over 112 million plus population of Ethiopia, vowed to return back to power at any cost including through arms struggle.

After couple of years of preparations to overthrow Prime Minister Abiy’s administration and return to central power, TPLF launched the first attack last November massacring hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers stationed in Tigray region.

As admitted on Tigray TV by the officials of TPLF, the swift attack on the northern command of Ethiopian national defense force was to control the heavy artilleries of the country that was kept in Tigray during the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

In addition, the TPLF, which claimed to train over 250,000 militias, has also launched rockets into the neighboring Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, and Bahir Dar, capital of the neighboring Amhara Region of Ethiopia. As a result, Eritrea and the Amhara militia are invited by the TPLF to the war.

First foiled attempt of TPLF to return to power

The angry national Defense force of Ethiopia along with the Amhara and Eritrean troops have managed to defeat the TPLF militia liberating the most the towns and cities of Tigray region including the capital of Tigray, Mekelle. with in about one month.

During the military operation while dozens of TPLF leadership including the former Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Seyoum Mesfin, and Abbay Tsehaye, one of the old guards in TPLF are killed, one of the founders and godfather of TPLF Sebhat Nega and dozens are captured hiding in caves and mountains of Tigray.

Then the Ethiopian parliament has declared a state of emergency appointing interim administration for Tigray Region, which for about six months has tried to restore order and facilitate aid delivery to the people in Tigray region affected and displaced during the war.

Meanwhile the attempt was not successful as TPLF turned itself into the old gruella fighting style and began killing of some of the members of the interim administration of Tigray, and professional who tried to restore telecom and electricity services. About a few months ago, the Ethiopian parliament has also named TPLF as a terrorist group.

Following the international outcry mainly led by the former allies of TPLF, along with the media outlets and civil society organizations run by these countries, Ethiopian Government has declared unilateral ceasefire withdrawing all its troops from Tigray region to allow the farmers in Tigray engage in farming before the rainy season passes.

Interference of U.S., EU in Ethiopia’s internal affairs using Tigray, aid as pretext

Meanwhile instead of allowing the Tigray people receive aid and engage in farming, the TPLF launched military attacks in different directions crossing into the Afar and Amhara regions. The international community, and aid agencies such as the World Food Program, have decided to keep quite refraining from denouncing the acts of TPLF. Instead, some of the WFP workers are caught red-handed while facilitating satellite communications services to the remaining TPLF leaders.

Surprised by the over three weeks of the silence of the United Sates, European Union and the UN agencies, which were outcrying claiming that the people in Tigray have been exposed to hunger because of the war, the Government of Ethiopia opposed their double standard approach, which clearly show support to the TPLF.

It is during the silence of these international community over the past few weeks that the Ethiopian government has managed to mobilize its people with hundreds of thousands of angry youth marching to join the national defense force of Ethiopia to eliminate TPLF once and for all, and counter the ongoing conspiracy of the allies of the terrorist group.

In addition to the domestic support for the national defense force of Ethiopia, thousands in the diaspora from Washington to Khartoum and Germany have marched expressing their solidarity with the Government of Ethiopia led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed whose party won general election last June.

Like last Friday demonstration in Sudan, the Ethiopian in the diaspora have also denounced the interference of countries like the United States and European Union in the internal affairs of Ethiopia using the issue of Tigray and aid as pretexts.