Ethiopia ruling party introduces presidential system

The ruling party in Ethiopia, Prosperity Party, on Saturday approved a new program (rule of engagement that governs the party) and introduced a presidential system.

During its first general assembly the new party has elected Abiy Ahmed as President, and also elected two deputy presidents – Demeke Mekonnen, and Adem Farah. Prosperity Party was government by the rules of engagement of the former ruling coalition, Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), which used to have a chairman and a deputy.

Based on the new rule of engagement, Prosperity Party will have a total of 225 central committee members, wo will be elected today by the general assembly.

Abiy Ahmed who is also the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia, will be serving as President of Prosperity until the next election, which will take place after about two and half year.

The state broadcaster ETV has reported that the first general assembly of Prosperity Party, which began on Friday is expected to be concluded this afternoon after electing the remaining 222 central committee members. It is not yet clear if the introduction of presidential stsystem by Prosperity Party, will lead to shifting from Prime Minister system to presidential system at national level.