Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of shelling civilian cities

As the war between the two neighbors in the Caucasus region of Eurasia escalates, Azerbaijan accused Armenia of shelling civilian cities far from conflict areas “in retaliation to the loss on battle ground.”

Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Djibouti, says his country has been getting victory on the battle ground occupying areas, which were forcefully taken by Armenian Government from Azerbaijan some 25 years ago. “Armenia is fully violating the Vienna Convention killing innocent and unarmed people living far from conflict areas. When they loose on the battle ground, they (Armenian Army) retaliated by attacking civilians by ballistic missiles,” said Ambassador Elman Abdullayev, indicating that Armenia has been shelling cities very far from conflict areas such as, Khizi and Absheron.

He made the comment in Addis Ababa on Wednesday afternoon at the Embassy briefing journalists. He indicated that the 28 years old peace negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which was led by the Minsk group has failed. “We ended up in zero progress because Armenia refused to withdraw from occupied territories obeying the UN resolution of 1993,” he said.

On April 30, 1993, the United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution demanding “immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces from the Kelbadjar and other recently occupied areas of Azerbaijan”. Commenting on what the future holds, Ambassador Elman stated that war happens when the international community fails to do its job of implementing the UN resolutions.

“We want peace. But we also want to get back what belongs to us. That is what every sovereign and independent nation in the world does,” he said, indicating that Azerbaijan will continue fighting until it “completely liberates the five territories occupied by Armenia and return back all the around one million Azerbaijanis displaced from the land of their ancestors”. The war between the two nations has erupted last week on September 27, 2020.