One Purified Water boosts production nine fold

One Purified water, one of the major water bottled water brands by Mogle Bottling Water Manufacturing – the sister company of ABBAHAWA Trading Private Limited Company, has increased its production capacity nine fold in five years’ period.

Enyew Zeleke, General Manager of ABBAHAWA Trading PLC told that the company’s installed capacity, which was 14,000 liters per hour, has now jump to 120,000 bottles per hour from 14,000 bottles per hour. “This shows how One water is competitive in the market. Had we not been completive, we wouldn’t be able to increase our production from 14,000 liters per hour to 120,000 liters per hour,” Mr. Enyew said.

One Water is currently bottling drinking water in different sizes ranging from a 350 millilitre, a 400 millilitre, a 600 millilitre, one liter, one and half liter, two liter, to a 20 liter jar. Currently Mogle Bottling Water Manufacturing has created over 500 jobs in its water bottling.

Purified water bottling business has been growing fast over the past years after the first bottled water brand Highland, was introduced by the renowned Ethiopian entrepreneur, Ermias Amelga. The total number of active water bottling companies which were around 67 in April 2018, has now increased to around 100. The majority of water bottling companies are found in Oromia region towns located close to the capital, Addis Ababa.