United States invested over $3 billion in Ethiopia

The United States has invested over three billion dollars in Ethiopia in the last three years, says U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia.

“The United States has invested over three billion dollars in Ethiopia in the last three years alone. These investments have strengthened our partnerships with the Ethiopian government and people to save lives, improve health and education, bolster food security and self-reliance, strengthen the energy and agriculture sectors, increase employment, and expand trade between our two nations, among many other areas of engagement,” said Ambassador Michael Raynor.

Ambassador Raynor made the statement this morning in Addis Ababa at the launching of a U.S. funded Advancing economic diversification in Ethiopia.

“Over the past year, we’ve enhanced these partnerships with over 100 million dollars in new resources directly focused on supporting Ethiopia’s reform agenda, and the program we’re celebrating today is a key component of this expanded engagement. The United States firmly believes that Ethiopia’s political and economic reforms offer the surest and quickest path to securing the prosperous, stable, and politically inclusive future that all Ethiopians deserve,” he said.

He further stated that the success of the reforms is also making Ethiopia an example worldwide of the opportunities awaiting any country, anywhere, when it commits itself – first and foremost – to promoting and defending the best interests of its people.

“We’re honored by the trust and the spirit of partnership that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his economic leadership team have expressed in allowing us to support the Advancing Economic Diversification in Ethiopia project, and I solemnly pledge the United States’ ongoing and steadfast support for Ethiopia’s reform agenda in the days ahead.”