Ethiopian army finds hidden 4.7 million liters fuel in Tigray

Buried underground by Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) discovered 21 fuel tanks filled with 4.7 million liters of fuel hidden underground in two areas in Tigray region.

TPLF was hiding the fuel to use it for the war it has waged against the Ethiopian army, according to the state broadcaster ETV, which
One of the guards of the 12 fuel tanks discovered near Mekele city said he and other 27 people were employed by the TPLF led administration of Tigray. He indicated that they were told that the tanks are buried underground to solve water problem of the capital city of Tigray, Mekele.

An officer of ENDF, who explained about the findings of fuel tanks, stated that another nine tanks also filled with fuel are also found some 100 kilometers from where the 12 tanks are discovered. The army officer indicated that the people in Tigray have been supportive in exposing the hidden fuel tanks.