Ethiopia police seizes cannabis on route to Kenya

Ethiopian police and customs officers seized a truck carrying cannabis and trying to smuggle it to the neighboring Kenya.

When captured by the customs officers, the truck plate number 3-A36285 was heading from Shashemene town, which is located in the Southern part of Ethiopia, to Kenya. The driver has refused to stop the truck at Chichu customs post and kept driving until he was forced by the police to surrender, according to the report of Ethiopian Customs Commission.

The Custom’s police officer shot the tire of the truck, which led the driver to be surrendered. The amount of the cannabis confiscated by the police on Tuesday is estimated to cost close to 4.5 million birr (about $141,000 at the current exchange rate). Though some countries in the world do not consider cannabis as a narcotic drug and use it for treatment of patients, it is illegal and to use it in many countless including Ethiopia and Kenya. Cannabis grows in some parts of Ethiopia such as, Shashemene area.