Ethiopia enacts law to combat weapons’ trafficking

The Ethiopian Parliament on Thursday passes the new proclamation that aims to regulate weapons’ possession and combat illegal trafficking of fire arms within the country.

Over the past few years illegal weapons trafficking has been increasing in Ethiopia, mainly along the borders to the neighboring countries, according to police reports. Such illegal trafficking of firearms and the threat it is posing to the country’s stability has forced the government to introduce the new bill, according to the explanations of the proclamation.

Meeting international standards of firearms governance, circulation that protects the safety of public and facilitation of legal ownership of specific firearms by individuals, militias, police, etc are also among the aims of the new regulations. From Russian-made Kalashnikov guns to Turkish pistols, Ethiopian police and customs officers has been seizing many kinds of firearms from traffickers, according to official reports.

The Ethiopians Customs Commission, which is part of the Ethiopian Revenue Ministry, recently indicated that it has seized over 12,000 illegal bullets and pistols.