Ethiopia blocks 34 TPLF companies’ bank accounts

Ethiopia blocks 34 TPLF companies’ bank accounts


The Office of Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia today blocked 34 bank accounts of the companies owned by the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

Mentioning the criminal codes, the Office indicated that the companies are found engaged in illegal activities including financing criminal activities such as ethnic targeted attacks, and corruption, among others. Among TPLF companies whose bank accounts are banned are Sur Construction, Gunna Trading, Mesfin Industrial, Selam Bus, Mega Printing, EFFORT, Effort Electrical, Effort Design and Construction, Ezana Mining, MesobeA Building materials, Velocity, Saba Stone, and Sheba Tannery.

APF Express Transit Service, Meganet Corporation, Desalegn Cathrina, Sheba Tannery, Almeda Garment, Dedebit Microfinance, Addis Pharmaceuticals, Star Pharmaceutical, Tigray Development, Saba Marble, Adwa Floppy, Tiemit Biruh Tesfa Plastic, Desalegn Anbessa importer of pharmaceuticals, Machew Particle Board.

In Ethiopia all the four members of the former ruling coalition Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), which is united recently as Prosperity Party, owns businesses including Tiret Corporate of Amhara party, Dinsho, Wondo, and EFFORT. Meanwhile after TPLF recently decided to not to be part of the united party )Prosperity), EFFORT was out of the supervision of the ruling party.