Armed gang in Ethiopia kills Burayu town administrator

Unidentified armed gang has opened fire and killed Burayu town Administrator and security head in Oromia Region of Ethiopia, state media reported.

The gang has killed Commissioner Solomon Tadesse security Administrator of Burayu town, while two police officers and another person are also wounded during the attack happened today, according to the ETV report. Those wounded by the attack are taken to hospital, according to the Oromia Region communications head who spoke with the state broadcaster.

It is indicated that following the attack the town the police has been engaged in investigation and investigating suspects. The people were having lunch when the attack occurred according to another media report- ESAT.

Since coming to power of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to power, many innocent people have been target of criminals in Burayu town, which is at the outskirt of the capital, Addis Ababa – at around 25 kilometers distance.

In a related development, in many parts of Ethiopia, including many towns in Oromia Region have been hosting demonstrations organized in support of the ruling coalition Prosperity Party and its chairman Abiy Ahmed. It is not clear if today’s attack is organized by the political forces operating in Oromia Region, which are not happy by the recent demonstrations supporting the ruling coalition.