Ethiopian police arrests 76 at Eid al-Fitr prayer

The Federal Police of Ethiopia said it has arrested 76 individuals for allegedly disturbing the Eid al-Fitr holiday prayer at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa on Monday.

In its statement the Police stated that though the 1443rd Eid al-Fitr prayer is conducted peacefully at Meskel Square, some individuals and groups have tried to create chaos, which has caused harm to the police forces and properties.

The Police stated that the individuals / groups have caused chaos after the prayer began at Meskel Square where tens of thousands of Muslims in Addis Ababa have gathered on Monday morning.

It indicated that the ant-peace forces arrested are captured with knives and banners of jihadists taking mission from abroad to destabilize Ethiopia, “the country known for religious tolerance’, by causing religious tensions and conflicts.

As a result, ‘they have harmed security forces’ and vandalized properties, according to the statement from the joint peace and security force, which indicated that there was no death reported so far.

Monday’s incident has come a week after some 14 civilians killed during funeral area dispute in Gondar between the Muslim communities and Orthodox Christians.

Meanwhile, the government authorities have been claiming that those who created chaos that led to the death of civilians do not represent the Muslim community and the Christians who have lived in harmony together for many centuries.