Ethiopia inaugurates its first artificial intelligence center

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia today inaugurates the country’s first artificial intelligence (AI) center established in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The Center will be a site for development of functional and problem solving technological innovations. Mentioning the experience of Israel as one of the countries highly benefiting from export of Artificial Intelligence products and services, Prime Minister Abiy indicated that his country will focus on developing the sector to benefit the country.

He stated AI will be used in many areas of the economy. During the inauguration of the AI Center, which took last six months to establish, it is stated that the Center will primarily be used for the improvement of the country’s health and agricultural sectors, among others.

“By focusing human interactions on a number of studies, artificial intelligence is the ability to optimize computerized machines for real solutions using special technology practices. We do not seek to cultivate youth who only watch from a distance and adopt the world’s industrial revolution. Designed to support young entrepreneurs through capacity building and research excellence, I am quite pleased to inaugurate the Artificial Intelligence Center, which will be a site for development of functional and problem solving technological innovations,” he twitted after the inauguration.

“Artificial Intelligence can be an engine of productivity and economic growth. In this current period where we’re taking great strides to balance the macroeconomic environment, including through the introduction of technology, I would also like to take this opportunity to caution all Ethiopians locally and abroad to not be tools of money laundering. Amidst a period of currency change, I call upon all Ethiopia loving Diaspora to use appropriate channels of remittance to ensure that you’re not a channel for illicit currency transfers,” he said.