U.S. calls on Ethiopia to end fighting, engage in dialogue

The Secretary of State of the United Sates Michael R. Pompeo who spoke with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today “”called for a complete end to the fighting in Tigray region and constructive dialogue to resolve the crisis”.

“Secretary Pompeo took note of the Government of Ethiopia’s November 28 announcement of the end of major military operations, but reiterated the United States’ grave concern regarding ongoing hostilities and the risks the conflict poses,” according to the statement of Principal Deputy Spokesperson Cale Brown.

The statement also stated that the Secretary called for a complete end to the fighting and constructive dialogue to resolve the crisis. “He stressed the willingness of the United States, the African Union envoys and other international partners to assist in dialogue and reconciliation.”

“The Secretary underscored the importance of protecting civilians from further harm, including refugees and civilians fleeing the conflict into Sudan, and allowing international humanitarian organizations access to the Tigray region to ensure the unhindered flow of humanitarian assistance to those in need.”

“He urged the Government of Ethiopia to ensure respect for human rights of Tigrayans and all ethnic groups. Secretary Pompeo highlighted the United States’ strong partnership with Ethiopia, our continued support for Ethiopia’s historic reform agenda, and the importance of Ethiopia’s role in promoting prosperity and stability on the Horn of Africa,” the statement said.

How it started
Ethiopian army was forced to launch an offensive against the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) after the militia of the latter attacked northern command of Ethiopian national defense force in Tigray region on November 4, 2020.

Responding to the members of parliament on Monday, Prime Minister Abiy stated that no country will negotiate when its national defense force is attacked. He noted that the international community, which he called ‘our friends’ are telling us “to negotiate with criminals because we are poor”.

Prime Minister Abiy told the MPs that after losing its power when the ruling coalition elected him as chairman in April 2018, the “TPLF junta” which includes the fugitive former spy Chief Getachew Asseffa, has sponsored 113 ethnic and religious conflicts across Ethiopia, which led to the death of hundreds of innocent civilians and damage of properties as well as assassination attempt of Abiy Ahmed at the support rally in Addis Ababa.

During its power from 1991 to the coming of Abiy Ahmed to power, the TPLF dominated regime has committed crimes against humanity, jailing thousands of opposition, journalists and forced thousands to exile. The torture in prison includes chopping legs of prisoners and rapping as documented by international human rights groups.

During the 27 years of TPLF on power, Ethiopia is reportedly has lost billions of dollars through organized crimes and corruptions involving top officials, and army generals who were in charge of the Army company METEC. While some of these officials are brought to court after Abiy came to power most of the those implicated in corruption and human rights violations mainly the oldguards of the Front have decided to hide in Tigray Region refusing to appear in court and defend themselves. Claiming that they have trained some 250,000 militias, the TPLF leaders were provoking the federal government to go to war in their quest to return to federal power.

Millions of Ethiopians within the country and in exile have shows their support to the political and economic reforms launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who release thousands of political prisoners, repatriated hundreds of opposition members labeled as terrorists by the TPLF regime.
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After the TPLF confirmed that it has attacked the army base to take control of the artilleries of the northern command, most of the people of Ethiopia has expressed their support to the defensive action taken by the army by mobilizing resources estimated over a billions Birr. Within three weeks of offensive, the Ethiopian Army on Saturday announced that it has set free the people of Mekele, the capital of Tigray from the TPLF. Reports show that leaving the cities, some of the TPLF fighters have moved to the mountains vowing to comeback as gorilla fighters like they did some four decades ago.