Two Ethiopia ex-intelligence officers appear court

Two former intelligence officers accused of involving in the assassinations attempt of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last June appear court on Tuesday.

Police requested the court to get more time to continue its investigation and gathering evidences against Marcus Tsehaye and Tesfaye Urge. The police stated that while Mr. Tesfaye was working at the national intelligence, he was also working as an investigation officer. He is also accused of taking land in Addis Ababa and Oromia Region illegally.

Opposing the additional investigation time requested by the police, Mr. Tesfaye argued that the fact that he has been in prison for the past six months in not right. He also opposed the request of the police for more time to take his picture and figure prints. Both Mr. Tesfaye and Mr. Marcus have indicated that the police have already taken their pictures and figure prints.

The lawyer of Mr. Marcus has also opposed the claim of the police to investigate the poison it said has found in one of the intelligence offices. While it is not clear in whose office the police have found the poison, the lawyer opposed keeping Mr. Marcus in prison.

The lawyer also indicated that the police didn’t clearly put the role of Mr. Marcus in the June 2018 assassination attempt of the prime minister.

The police officers, who requested for more time to continue their investigation, indicated that they are investigating who is directly involved in relation to the poison found in one of the offices of the national intelligence.

In relation to the involvement of Mr. Marcus in the assassination attempt, the police indicated that after he got information about the assassination plan, he abandoned following / the investigation one day before the assassination attempt.

The police explained to the court that the reason they need more time is to verify evidences and find out the truth. Finally the court concluded that it will make its decision on the extension of investigation period today.