Prosperity Party wins Ethiopian election

Prosperity Party wins Ethiopian election


The incumbent Prosperity Party of Ethiopia has won 410 seats of the House of Peoples Representatives (national Parliament) out of the 436 seats for which result is revealed this evening.

The result is announced by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, which was recently organized as an independent institution. In the capital Addis Ababa, Prosperity has won 22 of the 23 seats, while one independent candidate, Daniel Kibret (Mr.) has won the remaining seat.

In Oromia Region, where over 15 million people have voted, Prosperity has won 167 seats out of the 178 seats for which result is announced. In Oromia 3 independent candidates including Gelassa Dilbo (Mr.) have also won seat at the parliament.

In Amhara Region, out of the total 138 seats, Prosperity has won 114 seats, while National Amhara Movement (NAMA) has won 10 seats.

In Southern Region, of the total 104 seats, so far Prosperity has won 75 seats. Ezema, one of the opposition party has won 4 seats, while Gedio Peoples Democratic Organization has got 2 seats.

In the new Sidama Region, Prosperity has won all of the 19 seats. At the regional councils’ level, Prosperity has also secured majority votes that will allow the party to govern the regions.

Early September, Somali, Harari, Benishangul Gumz regions of Ethiopia, are expected to hold their elections. In addition, other areas, where election related complains are reported will also hold the election again, according to Birtukan Mideksa, head of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.