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Ethiopia’s Amhara congress set to bring young leaders


Senior members of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) are say the 12th Congress opens yesterday will bring many youth to the leadership as it is crucial to continue the struggle with a new blood.

Ato Abate Setotaw, Central Committee member and former Deputy- Mayor of Addis, said that the movement is preparing to bring vital changes and bringing new faces to the leadership would be one.

He said that the reform within the organization needs to be continued in a way that can meet demand of the public and address challenges facing the region and new blood to the leadership is crucial to make this happen.

“The ANDM congress is expected to bring young generation which has the ability to sustain our struggle, respond to public queries with fresh mind and fresh solutions as well as move the ANDM into the next high level”, he added.

He said that bringing the youth to power doesn’t mean that excluding the senior leadership but it means that capacitating the youth with knowledge and skill to learn how to exercise leadership.

“Senior leadership have skill with a knowledge which they have acquired through practice, they came to this stage passing various challenges and it has a big role to the recent change brought in the country”, Abate said.

“I think that ensuring our peace and sustaining unity by struggling with the obstacles that are trying to hinder our journey towards development will be our focusing areas that we will work with the new leadership’, he said.
Frehiwot Aylew, another CC member, said that a leadership with a mind of a reformist is crucial at this time in order to sustain the reform.

She said that all the senior or young leaders or other members of the organization are expected to work for the success of the reform and stand with the reformists.

“Being a long serving member or young is not the essential thing to sustain the change. The important thing here is supporting the reform and contributing ones share on it”, she said.

“Being part of another generation or who serve long years in the struggle, I am ready to collaborate with the young generation so that we can solve the problems,” she said.

Yalew Abate, a long serving member of ANDM and former Speaker of the House, told ENA that the organization is expected to give the chance for the youth to take the leadership position.

“We are expecting that we will have new young leaders, who can sustain our legacy in a democratic way”, he said.

Yalew, who said that the organization is rebranding itself in several ways, said it needs to change its way of struggle in order to cope up with the time.

“We were using powerful struggle methods to win the Derg regime, but this time, it is not necessary to use power because our struggle is with poverty, we are fighting to ensure good governance and promote the rule of law. So our new generation need to understand this.”, he said.

ANDM is one of the four corporate members of the ruling coalition, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

At its 12th organizational congress to be kicked of this afternoon, is expected to pass various decisions thaw old enhance the ongoing reform and benefit the people of the region and the nation.

Changing its name, logo and bringing the young generation to the leadership are among the resolutions as part of rebranding the organization.