Ethiopia refused to give crashed Boeing Blackbox to Trump

Ambassador Lencho Bati, who was advisor to the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, now serving as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia said that the former U.S. President Trump has called Prime Minister Abiy urging to give him the Blackbox of the crushed Boeing airplane in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abiy refused to do so and sent the Blackbox to France, according to Ambassador Lencho, who noted that had that Blackbox been given to the United States, the findings could have orchestrated to blame the Ethiopian pilots for the crash.

It is recalled that operated by Africa’s largest airlines group, Ethiopian Airlines, On 10 March 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft which operated the flight crashed near the town of Bishoftu six minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people aboard. Accepting the liability recently Boing has agreed to pay compensation for the families of victims.

President Trump has called Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed several times and told him that Egypt will blow the under construction Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). It is recalled that the issue of GERD was brought to the UN Security Council two times.

Meanwhile, a few of the permeant members of the UNSC such as China, Russia, among others have said that the issue should be addressed under African Union mediation where the water and the countries are also found.

Give me the Blackbox of crashed Boing

According to Ambassador Lencho Prime Minister Abiy responded to President Trump, saying, “do you know with which country leader you are talking to? Let them try and we shall see what we will do.” Ambassador Lencho made the remark today speaking to the state broadcaster ETV.

It is recalled that at one point President Trump has said that he was the one that deserves the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who brought peace between Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea.

Recently the relation between Ethiopian Government and the United States has been deteriorating especially after the latter has begun putting pressure using sanctions on the Government of Ethiopia by supporting the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) using humanitarian crises as excuse.

Ethiopia the only African countries, which has never been colonized and resisted attempts of the colonizers for centuries. It has also helped other African countries such as Zimbabwe, Angola, and freedom fighters like, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, among others.

Especially after the Battle of Adawa where for the first time Black people have defeated the white colonizers of Italy, Ethiopia is known for paving the way for the Pan-African movement.

Ethiopian kings and leaders have also contributed a lot in bringing the independent African countries to come together and form the Organization of African Unity, now called African Union headquartered in Addis Ababa.

Over the past few weeks opposing the intervention of the United States in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, Ethiopians in the diaspora have launched an Africa movement #Nomore to neocolonialism, NoMore to U.S. and Western countries meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have been protesting on the streets of main cities of the world from Washington DC, to Joburg, from Pretoria to Brussels, London, and Paris from Amsterdam to Canada and Australia, the like.

Meanwhile over the past few days the U.S. social media giant- twitter- has begun suppressing the #NoMore hashtag movement in what seems silencing the growing anti-colonialism and neocolonialism voices of Africans and their friends.

Currently, the United Sates embassy in Addis Aabab is reportedly sending email alerts twice a day to its citizens living in Ethiopia to leave the country immediately claiming that the country is exposed to terrorist attacks.

On the contrary, life goes normal in the capital Addis Ababa and the surrounding towns several weeks after some of the U.S. propaganda machines such as CNN have reported that the rebels (TPLF and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF-Shene) are 25 kilometers away to control the capital.

In what looks to expose the fake news and propagandas of the United States-led Western countries, yesterday the Chinese Foreign Minister has arrived Addis Ababa for official visit.

Following the decision of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is also commander in chief of the Ethiopian Army, to lead the war against the TPLF at the frontline a week ago, the rebels have lost many strategic towns they invaded in Afara and Amhara regions. Among the towns they lost includes, Kazagita, Chifra, Gashena, Shewarobit, Mezezo, and Lalibela, among others. Reports show that currently Ethiopian forces have encircled the TPLF, which is labeled as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian Parliament and U.S. itself.

Military officials have been saying that It will be a matter of a few days or a week for the Ethiopian forces to liberate the three major towns found under control of TPLF, namely Dessie, Kombolcha, and Weldiya.

The ongoing war between the Ethiopian military and TPLF has begun when the latter attacked a military base of National Defense force of Ethiopia on November 3, 2020 and killed hundreds in an attempt to take over the heavy armaments and artilleries.