Ethiopia PM urges African leaders to cooperate

Ethiopia PM urges African leaders to cooperate


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia urges African leaders mainly Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and Nigeria to cooperate pooling together their resources and knowledge to get out of poverty.

“The time for #Africa is now! Together we can climb faster out of the pit of poverty, insecurity & begging for dignity. Through economic integration, pooling our resources & knowledge, we can collectively realise Agenda 2063,” twitted Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed by tagging the Presidents of Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and South Africa.

Last week Prime Minister Abiy has made officials visits in the neighboring East African countries namely Uganda and Rwanda and discussed bilateral and regional issues.

After the Government of Ethiopia has launched a military offense in response to the attack of TPLF on its northern military base in Tigray Region, many of the Western countries including the United States have been at odds with the administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Some analysts suggest that the latest moves of Abiy Ahmed, who won the Nobel Prize for restoring peace with the neighboring Eritrea, to bring together East African countries is not liked by the Western countries. After restoring peace with Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed has also helped the South Sudan to settle its internal conflict as well as Sudan, which has been in political turmoil.

Indicating that the people of East Africa are similar and the boundaries between the countries are created by the colonialists, Abiy Ahmed has managed to bring together the leaders of Djibouti with Eritrea; as well as that of the Presidents of Kenya and Somalia.

Currently, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia are reportedly agreed to cooperate on regional economic and political affairs to bring their citizens out of poverty countering unnecessary interference of the Western countries, which undermines the sovereignty of the African countries.

As a result the several attempts of the United States and the Western countries, who tabled the humanitarian situation in Tigray Region of Ethiopia at the UN Security Council (UNSC), has failed because a few permanent members of the UNSC mainly China and Russia have refused to entertain the issue by indicating that UN should not interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

The military invasion of TPLF has expanded in the neighboring regions of Ethiopia namely, Amhara and Afar though last June the Government has declared unilateral ceasefire leaving Tigray region to allow humanitarian activities and help the farmers engage in farming activities using the rainy season as an opportunity.