Ethiopia appoints opposition members as ministers

Ethiopia appoints opposition members as ministers

For the first time the Government of Ethiopia has appointed opposition members to serve as ministers in the new cabinet of ministers of the ruling Prosperity Party.

Justifying his decision to include opposition figures within his cabinet, Prime Minister Abiy stated that the political differences among Ethiopians “shouldn’t be an obstacle to work together”.

Among the opposition figures, which got ministerial position include Dr. Berhanu Nega from Ezema, Belete Molla from National Amhara Movement (NAMA),and Kejella Merdassa from Oromo Liberation Front.

Before proposing the members of the new cabinet, Prime Minister Abiy indicated that he expects his new members of cabinet ministers to avoid and eliminate theft (corruption) and begging from Ethiopia.

The cabinet members are not representatives of their tribe but their country – Ethiopia. The House of Federation has representatives that represent each tribe and ethnic group, according to Prime Minister Abiy. Seven women are also included in today’s ministerial position.

The appointees include:
1- Demeke Mekonnen – Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
2- Dr. Abreham Belay – Minister of Defense
3- Ahmed Shide – Minister of Finance
4- Muferiat Kamil – Minister of Works and Skills
5- Omer Hussein – Minister of Agriculture
6- Eng. Aisha Mohammed – Minister of Irrigation and Lowlands
7- Eng. Habtamu Iteffa – Minister of Water and Energy
8- Dr. Berhanu Nega- Minister of Education
9- Dagmawit Moges- Minister of Transport and Logistics
10- Gebremeskel Challa – Minister of Trade and Regional Integration
11- Melaku Alebel – Minister of Industry
12- Binalf Andualem – Minister of Peace
13- Dr. Gedion Timothewos- Minister of Justice
14- Dr. Liya Tadesse – Minister of Health
15- Belete Molla from NAMA- Minister of
Innovation and Technology
16- Ambassador Nassise Chali – Minister of Tourism
17- Kejella Merdassa – from OLF – Ambassador of Culture and Sport
18- Eng. Takele Uma – Minister of Mines
19- Leake Anteneh – Minister of Revenue
20- Chaltu Sani – Minister of Urban and Infrastructure Development
21- Dr. Fitsum Assefa – Minister of Planning and Development
22- Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye – Minister of Women and Social Affairs

The newly established Government of Ethiopia has restructured ministries by forming a total of 22 ministries. Some ministries have merged while new ministries are introduced during today’s parliamentary session. Based on the new structure, irrigation, highland areas, and regional integration, among ithers have got special attention.