Ethiopia accuses Sudan army generals for supporting terrorists

Ethiopia accuses Sudan army generals for supporting terrorists

Ethiopia accused Sudanese army generals for communicating in discrete with the terrorist group in Ethiopia – Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), which returned back to gorilla war after leading Ethiopia for 27 years starting May 1991.

Ethiopian Army General Tesfaye Ayalew today told journalists in Addis Ababa that 320 insurgents of the TPLF departed from Sudan planning to rescue the leaders of the terrorist group trapped in northern Ethiopia caves were killed by the Ethiopian Army. The Ethiopian Army has seized a secrete document (a discrete message from Sudanese Army generals sent to TPLF leaders now hiding in northern Ethiopia caves.

The TPLF insurgents were carrying message from Sudanese army generals, according General Tesfaye, who indicated that medicines and satellite sent to the terrorist group leaders trapped in northern Ethiopian caves were also seized.

General Tesfaye indicated that a message from Sudanese army generals to the trapped in cave leaders of the terror group was found when the Ethiopian army foiled the attempt of the 320 insurgents killed by the Ethiopian army.

Former TPLF members based in the United Sates and in Sudan have also involved in organizing the rescue mission by training and equipping the 320 TPLF insurgents, according to General Tesfaye.

General Tesfaye also indicated that Ethiopian Army is working hard to make sure that no single leader of the terrorist group leave the country or stop any attempt of TPLF militia members who migrated to Sudan after committing genocide in Maikadra in November.

Before designated as a terrorist group by Ethiopian Parliament last week, TPLF has been on power Ethiopian politics and economy from May 1991 to April 2018. After the ruling coalition dominated by TPLF unexpectedly lost its dominance when the coalition elected Abiy Ahmed as its leaders, the hardliners of the Front have refused to accept the result and vowed to go back to the bush and return to their dominance by force.

As a result, the TPLF hardliners including those wanted for mega corruption and human rights violations run and hide in Tigray Region to prepare for war with the federal government of Ethiopia. Last year in November TPLF militias attacked Ethiopian Army base in Tigray Region and killed many soldiers as admitted later by TPLF officials on Tigray TV.

In retaliation to the attack within one-week, Ethiopian Government launched an offense against the TPLF militia and ousted the rebels from major towns and cities of Tigray Region.

While some of the founders of TPLF such as the former Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin, Abbay Tsehaye and the like are killed during the offense operation by the Ethiopian Army, the God father of the rebel – group Sebehat Nega – was captured in cave and detained. So far there was no information about the whereabouts of the leader of TPLF, Dr. Debretsion Nega.

It is recalled that a few months ago Sudanese Army has crossed Ethiopian territory claiming that it has recaptured the area, which it claimed belongs to Sudan but taken by Ethiopian farmers.

Indicating that action taken by the Sudanese army is illegal, Ethiopia has been calling on the leaders of its neighbor and the international community to sit for peaceful talks over issues related to border demarcation between the two countries.

Sudan was serving as the base for many opposition fronts of Ethiopia from the 1970s to 1990s for several armed groups including TPLF which came to power in 1991 through armed struggle. Reports show that in 1991 the small airplane which brought to Addis Ababa the former leader of TPLF the late Meles Zenawi, who served latter served as Prime Minister of Ethiopia, was departed from Khartoum, Sudan.