Why Western, U.S. media reactivated reports on Ethiopia

Weekend reading – BY ANDUALEM SISAY GESSESSE – Over the past few days and weeks, the propaganda machines of the United States such as, CNN and the Associated Press along with the Western media outlets such as, the BBC among others, have reactivated their propaganda against the Government of Ethiopia.

Some of these media outlets returned to their previous cries claiming that the Government of Ethiopia has blocked humanitarian aid from reaching the Tigray region. But, neither these media outlets nor the other puppet of the United States, the United Nations, have got the guts to condemn or report the fact that food aid delivery to Tigray region was affected after the rebels’ group – Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) – has hijacked 428 trucks that delivered food to Tigray region, which is under its control.

Instead of condemning this act of TPLF, the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, began criticizing Ethiopia, which expelled seven of the UN agency heads who were found conspiring with the rebel group.

From an ordinary cab driver on the streets of Addis Ababa, to a layman in the rural part of Ethiopia, Ethiopians have now stood together against the United States and Western countries led conspiracy to neo colonize Ethiopia using humanitarian assistance as an entry point.

Except the TPLF and its affiliates, almost all the people of Ethiopia north to South West to East have vowed and joined the Ethiopian national defense force in hundreds of thousands over the past few months, especially after the TPLF advanced its military attack against the civilians in the neighboring Afar and Amhara regions.

Now those U.S. and Western propaganda machines, which kept quit during those TPLF aggression, have began crying to save the TPLF (a long-time ally of the Western countries) from the strong attack of the national defense force, which has been preparing for months to stop the expansion of the rebels.

The United States led political pressure on the Government of Ethiopia led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have failed several times at the United Nations Security Council when it’s tried to seek intervention in the internal affairs of the never colonized country – Ethiopia.

The several attempts of the United States to neo colonize Ethiopia along with its Western allies includes from announcing unilateral sanctions to brining to the table the development issue of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project to UNSC in an attempt to advance the interest of Egypt to keep the over 110 million population of Ethiopia under poverty and sustaining the use of the Nile River water in monopoly.

In addition, the Untired States, which didn’t even recognize the legally elected Government of Ethiopia, has continued lobbying neighboring African countries and its European allies to push the Government of Ethiopia sit with the TPLF for negotiated ceasefire.

Thanks to those permanent members of the UNSC such as, China and Russia, the Security council has not been able to impose any sanctions on Ethiopia though a certain team including the boss of UN, who is now trying to silence whistleblowers in the UN, are under the influence of the United States and its Western allies.

But China, Russia, and India have already realized the fact that the hidden agenda of the United States and its western allies is to neo-colonize or destabilize Ethiopia and the East African neighborhood are trying to use humanitarian issues as pretext like they did in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the like.

Now what is left for the United States, its European allies and their team within the UN including the current Secretary General of the UN and WHO head Tewodros Adhanom, former TPLF central committee member, is using the propaganda machines of the United States and Western countries, which are also working day and night to impose sanctions on Ethiopia.

The main reason why these media outlets have reactivated their reports that demonizes the Government of Ethiopia recently is to save the TPLF from major military defeat and elimination of the key leaders. These reports of Western propaganda machines has come following the latest attack of the national Defense force of Ethiopia to expel the TPLF militias from the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions. In fact these media outlets were promoting the use of child soldiers by the TPLF.

The poor humanitarian conditions of the people in Tigray region is not an issue for the se media outlets or for the United Sates or the Western countries because the blood of the civilians in Tigray is also red like the blood of civilians in Libya, neighboring Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Let’s cut the crap! This is about geopolitical influence in the East African region and the greater Africa in the long term and, it is all about imposing their national interest of the United States and its Western allies!

I believe destabilizing the Horn for the United States and its Western allies means denying China tens of billions of dollars through trade with the countries in the horn of Africa; it is indirectly attacking investments of China in the Horn of African countries; it is disabling the countries in the Horn of Africa from paying billions of dollars of their debt to China.

In my opinion destabilizing Ethiopia and the horn of Africa for the U.S. and its Western allies is indirectly fighting China in the horn of Africa and slowing the economic growth of the second largest economy in the world, which is set to take over the leadership the United Sates soon.

Of course, in this process of destabilizing the region, new puppet governments like TPLF, and leaders and small nations are assumed to emerge and be empowered to serve the interests of the United States and Western countries national interest.

Now the question is, ‘will such an orchestrated covert U.S. and Western-led regime change and neo colonization plan in Ethiopia by saving the TPLF, succeeds?’ I DON’T THINK SO! BUT THEY MAY SUCCEED IN DESTBLIZING THE REGION LIKE THEY DID IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD. BUT ATTEMPTING TO DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY COLONIZE ETHIOPIANS WILL DEFINETELY BE FUTILE.

For such attempts have failed in Ethiopia time and again during the era of colonization and the scramble for Africa, let alone in today’s multipolar world.