Why TPLF leaders violate Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need?

OPINION – BY WOUBISHET SISAY – In relation to the recent happening in the Northern part of Ethiopia, the thought of the renowned d social scientist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need triangle repeatedly came to my mind. Particularly, the one at the tip of the triangle defined as “Self-Actualization”. According to him “self-actualization” is the last level of the need of human beings in general.

But when I think of the recent behavior of the infamous founding fathers and leaders of The “Tigraian Peoples Liberation Front” TPLF, even after their horrific, tyrannical and murderous rule of 27 years, I started questioning myself if there is one more level left that should conclude the triangle at its tip even though I cannot name it.

After the toppling of EPRDF’s top officials, who are mostly higher ranking officials of TPLF, by the struggle of millions of Ethiopians, in 2018 that was led by the reformist Abiy Ahmed from within the EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party) itself, they became rebels again going back to Hyena holes of Tigraian mountains, where they used to fight from in their early years of rebellion against the Marxist Government of Ethiopia in 1980’s.

Then they vowed to overthrow Abiy Ahmed’s reformist Government, which was backed by the majority of Ethiopians, just because they lost control of their ethnic based fake federalist Government and economic empire that they built during Marxist led ideology of the so called “revolutionary democracy”. This time they were clearly driven by their own arrogance and never quenching blood thirsty ego.

Taking a deeper look into entire life and rule of the leaders of TPLF from Gorilla fighter to a monarchical dynasty of ethnic minority rule and apartheid style governance they have established during their 27 years, where they used to acquire everything but God’s power of creating things, by fully controlling both the Banks and the Tanks, till they are fallen from their throne almost three years ago, I cannot stop thinking of what in the world they wanted to achieve in their life as human beings in the Ethiopian context?

When we look into the religious status of these people, which is of a paramount importance for the elderly to become in Ethiopian socio-cultural interaction, they are non-believers and are therefore not “God fearing” people so that they used to be whatever they wanted to be.

But what was it that these old men did not achieve in their life time? What was the motive and just cause behind going back to the Hyena’s hole by refusing to go along with the need of over 100 million Ethiopian people, who said enough is enough to their 27 years of ethnic minority led dictatorial rule?

Didn’t they achieve their goal of establishing the only ethnic based federalism in the face of the world, by destroying values and unity of this ethnically diverse society, where they used to instigate one ethnic group against the other to maintain their dynasty? Didn’t they achieve that too, to some extent satisfying their divide and rule policy?

Aren’t they satisfied by implementing policies that disintegrate Ethiopia, as a sovereign country by including in their constitution that allow ethnically based federal states the right to succession, being missionaries of our historic enemies?

Didn’t those party elites accumulate enough wealth by looting from the poor Ethiopians and become millionaires to satisfy their greed? Didn’t they travel from Thailand to South America to quench their lustful life by throwing millions of dollars to models and super models, while millions were in poverty?

Didn’t US politicians such as Susan Rise and Barak Obama once praise these leaders of murderous Mafia group as “world class minds?” and gave recognition to the fake election they have conducted in 2013 and won by “100%”, where TPLF run and won alone by calling it “democratic election?”
Didn’t they buy out international interest group fake news spreading mainstream media to convey their propaganda of the so called 11% economic growth rate for the duration of their rule by calling it “one of the fastest growing economies of the world”, when the lives of the majority of Ethiopian citizens remain unchanged?

Didn’t they build sky scrapers from China to Dubai? Didn’t their children and grandchildren become millionaires who led lavish life style in the Western world?

Haven’t they actualize themselves through buying PhD’s from Chinese institutions and called themselves Doctors? Didn’t they build hundreds of Companies, by creating few jobs and looting millions from these firms?

Didn’t many of former Guerilla fighters become and called Army ‘’Generals’’ to reach the highest ranking position in the military? Even though many of them were fifth graders.

Didn’t they commit enough horrific crimes on those who they think are enemies of the system in prisons and secret underground houses, using socialist era style torture and execution to satisfy their sadistic character?

What in the world did they want to achieve or become other than they already have, under their immoral, greedy, lustful, murderous and ethnic superiority ego led rule that they have been boasting about proudly, on the media empire better to be called propaganda machines of the system, built to spread superiority in all aspects of life of one ethnic group?

The reality in relation to the behavior of these personalities therefore is that as I mentioned at the beginning of my writing, there should be some other level of human need that requires to be studied revitalizing the triangle of hierarchy of Abraham Maslow’s theory of need.

In fact as long time Baptists and followers of Marxist-Leninist ideology of the failed eastern camp of the world, Change was their nightmare and ultimate fear which they couldn’t escape from when final countdown begins.

The recent disgraceful finale of these fugitives which is carried out by the heroic operations of Ethiopian National Army, to bring them to justice shows that the Sun of justice shall always shine upon the darkness of arrogance and autocracy when the right time comes.