How Ethiopian history is filled with traitors

How Ethiopian history is filled with traitors

By Obang Metho – Ethiopia history is filled with traitors and ethnocentric individuals threatens to compromise Ethiopia national strength or sovereignty – and even threatens the existence of the country.

One need look no further than the recent secret zoom meeting organized by Ephrem Isaac for evidence of how entrenched this form of betraying their country and surrender to a hostile foreign power.

It is time for the people of Ethiopia to expose, confront and stop these traitors, pretenders, opportunists and fake peacemakers like Prof. Ephrem Isaac from speaking on behalf of our people and country.

Ethiopia has a lot of traitors who have been working with foreigners to enrich himself and the TPLF shields them from accountability. #NoMore.

I never trusted Ephrem Isaac and that is why I wrote open letter to him 11 years ago. In the letter stated that:
Dear Prof. Ephrem Isaac;

We want to address the urgent crisis in Ethiopia following the illegitimate results of the recent Ethiopian National election. What you do right now will either bring our country down to greater destruction or could instead, revive the dead bones of Freedom, Justice, Truth and Democracy already lying in their graves among the millions of other dead Ethiopians, victims of the EPRDF regime of Meles Zenawi!

What you do will make a difference! Will your actions help raise them up from the ground or will your actions only cover them more deeply with the bodies and souls of the Ethiopian people?

Meles has appointed you to act as elders (shimagles) on behalf of him and his self-interests; not on behalf of the Ethiopian people who are thirsty for freedom, but now face five more years of tyranny unless men and women of courage, honesty and truth follow their consciences. This means all of you! Genuinely fulfill your role of a traditional elder (Shemglna) in our society that is not falsely “used” by one side to rob the other side of its legitimate rights or property.

In this case, our country is in the hands of the killers of democracy and for you to say nothing, makes you an accomplice! We plead with you to speak the truth, to take the side of right and uphold justice. However, if you, as Meles’-appointed “elders of the people,” fail to do this, we have faith that the mighty arm of the God of Ethiopia can still work justice on behalf of the oppressed and suffering Ethiopian people.

Meles wants to use you to suppress the great outrage of the people who know very well that this election is a total scam, from the beginning to the end. He wants you to be his “henchman in elder’s clothing;” threatening harsh punishment for all who refuse to accept the illegitimate results of a rigged election. Not only are opposition leaders being threatened with prison if they do not concede defeat; but, they are also being told that Birtukan Mideksa, leader of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) will never be released without such concessions from them! What blackmail!”

In my open letter to Prof. Ephrem Isaac from 11 years ago, I stated the following statements:
“Our country needs true mediators, peace-makers and reconcilers; not people who ingratiate themselves to a bully of the people and a manipulator of the democratic process. Our country is bleeding and our people are screaming in silence. They are dying in the streets of our homeland and trying to escape. The land that could be used to produce food for the hungry is being given away to foreign groups for their own needs rather than ours.

Our land has become a place where our songs of peace, joy and happiness are replaced with tears of sorrow and grief. The voices of our playing children have been replaced with their cries or worse yet, the absolute silence that accompanies impending death. Our family of Ethiopians has been divided; with much violence among ourselves. We have become like a community of orphans, lacking elders.

Truth has been lost and there are few seeking to find it. The people who are supposed to uphold the rule of law and protect us are instead misruling, deceiving and oppressing the people. Ethiopia desperately needs true elders who will confront the lies that hold this sham government together; for the well being of the greater family of Ethiopians.

In conclusion, we are only writing to you because we are not giving up on you and your capacity to become the elder that bring hope of a future to our nation. Be the elder who prevents the shedding of blood rather than the elder who prolongs the violence and the suffering. Free Birtukan Mideksa and all political prisoners. Speak to Meles, warning him to change his ways.

May God help each of you be that TRUE elder, who takes his direction from God, rather than from men. If you cannot do this, do not pretend to fulfill that role; even resigning if it is impossible to work under such conditions. Meles is afraid of the people rising up against him, but do not be part of subduing them so that evil is prolonged.

May God give you freedom from fear and intense passion for truth and right. May He remind you that there is no greater loss than losing one’s soul in such times as these. May the people of Ethiopia pray for your strength and courage.

Long live Ethiopia! We look forward to hearing from you and expect the very best from all of you!
In hopeful anticipation,“