Tena Oil plans to create 500 new jobs

Tena Oil plans to create 500 new jobs

54 Capital a Conglomerate producing the popular Edible Oil Tena Oil” has announced today a major expansion in its production plant at Dukem Town.

The new facility increases the company’s production by 130 % and creates more than 500 new jobs. The total expansion of the facility will be finalized at the end of 2022 and when it becomes operational, it will increase the current production by another 400%. 54 Capital regulates the Edible Oil Shortage in the country by refining Edible Oil in the country from Sun Flower which is the most recommended oil for a healthy lifestyle.

The Group Manufacturing Director of 54 Capital, Eyoel Shewangizaw said at the start of the new factory in Dukem Town that “Tena” has always been produced with utmost care and quality and the new plant equipped with state-of-the-art technology would enable “Tena” to be always the highest quality and the most preferred Edible Oil in Ethiopia. The expansion would also enable us to maintain our principle of “Health first”, “Eat Well, Live Well” is our motto.

Tena is one of the healthiest and highest quality edible oil in the market and we are very happy to deliver a product that keeps our society healthy and contribute to the country’s economy by creating more new jobs. The new plant creates more than 500 new jobs for the host community in Dukem.

Tena Sunflower Oil is good for keeping our lifestyle healthy. It is low in saturated fat and high in mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids which prevent dangerous free radicals from oxidizing the body’s cholesterol. It is rich in Vitamin A and D3.

54 Capital is an Africa-focused asset manager established in 2013. The firm manages 5 portfolio companies with leading brands like Tena, 555, Aura, Chef Luca, Aquasafe and is one of the largest financial investor in the FMCG manufacturing industry in Ethiopia.

As one of 54 capital’s portfolio companies, Tena is one of the best-known edible oil brands in Ethiopia. It is established to be the preferred choice as the champion of healthy cooking and happy life thanks to its world class triple refining process. Tena offers the highest quality of sunflower oil in the country.