Ethiopia inaugurates COVID-19 testing kits manufacturing

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed today inaugurated coronavirus (COVID-19) test kit manufacturing factory in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The new factory is constructed by the Chinese company, BGI Health Ethiopia. It is stated that the company has several pharmaceuticals and medicines manufacturing factories in many countries. Constructed inside Bole Lemi Industrial Park, the new factory is expected to manufacture 10 million coronavirus testing kits per year.

The testing kits will be used for both domestic market and will be exported mainly to African countries. It is also stated that when the world will be free from COVID-19 pandemic, the new factory will be engaged in manufacturing of testing kits for TB and malaria. The factory is realized with collaboration between Ethiopian Government and Chinese investors. In addition to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other ministers, the inauguration of the factory is attended by Chinese Ambassador in Ethiopia, among others.