Ethiopia says the ball to stop war is in TPLF’s field

The latest decision made by the Government of Ethiopia not to enter Tigray Region chasing the TPLF fighters has put the ball to end the war in the field of TPLF, says Ethiopian higher official.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen made the remark in his new year statement sent to the state’s media Ethiopian Press Agency. He stated that the decision of the Government not to continue the war is welcomed by many as it allows to seek other options of solving the problem. “Now the ball is fully in the field of the terrorist -TPLF,” he said.

Demeke also stated that the United States has continued to put pressure on the Government of Ethiopia, which refused to surrender to such pressures. He expressed his Government’s disappointment by a few of the rushed decisions made by the United States against Ethiopia.

Demeke also stressed that U.S. lawmakers should know that the sanctions they impose on different countries including Ethiopia are counter productive by bringing social and economic damages to these countries. He also urged the United Nations to revisit and revise its stand about the current situation of Ethiopia.

On the other hand, Mr. Demeke also expressed its appreciation to the countries in Africa and outside Africa, which supported the just cause Ethiopia is fighting for including those involved in the #NoMore global movement.

“Ethiopia owes enormous and deep gratitude of debt to those friendly countries both from Africa and elsewhere in the world- for their unflinching support to our struggle for survival. It is also heart-warming to see people from all corners of the world joining the global “#NoMore” movement in support of Ethiopia,” he said.