Two die in Ethiopia by coronavirus – Update

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia reported the death of the first two coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

Dr. Liya Tadesse Minister of Health of Ethiopia stated that the 60 years old Ethiopian who had travel history to France and had been getting treatment of coronavirus has passed away today. The Minister indicated that the woman was getting treatment at Yeka Kotebe Hospital, according to the state news agency, Ethiopian News Agency report.
It is stated that before she passed away, the patient was getting treatment supported by a ventilator – breathing aid machine.

The death of the second person is reported this evening on the state broadcaster – ETV. The second person died by the pandemic this evening was 56 years old male and a resident of Addis Ababa and Ethiopian nationality. Following the news of the first death by COVID-19 in Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his sorrow for the family of the deceased. He urged Ethiopians to stay calm and strictly follow the guidelines issued by the government to fight the spread of the global pandemic.

Earlier this afternoon the government had reported that the total number of coronavirus confirmed cases in Ethiopia. This has increased total number of confirmed cases in Ethiopia so far 43.

In Africa 400 people have lost their lives in different country, while Algeria leads losing 130 lives so far, according to the information update on Johns Hopkins University. Latest update from Africa Center for Disease Control shows that of the African Union Member States – 51 countries – 8736 cases of COVID-19 is reported so far with 400 deaths, and 747 recoveries.

Across the world a total of over 68,400 people have lost their lives by COVID-19 pandemic so far. A total of 1,252,000 people are already infected, while over 258,500 people have recovered from the global pandemic.