Garbage landslide death toll in Ethiopia reaches 62


Following the landslide of a mountain of garbage, 62 people died on Saturday evening in Addis Ababa. The incident happened at the city’s trash dumping area known as Koshe, the government said. 

The 62 victims include, 32 are female and 14 male, including some children. The accident has also injured 22 people and two of them who are severely damaged are being treated at ALERT (African Leprosy Rehabilitation and Training Center) Hospital, Government Communications Affairs said in its statement this morning.

The search for other missing people has also continued while those who survived from the jury are kept in shelter prepared by the government getting the required assistance, according the statement.

The condolence message of the government, which didn’t say what exact caused the slide of the landfill, has stated that the government will continue providing support for the survivors.

Koshe, whose name means “dirt” in local slang, was closed last year by city authorities who asked people to move to a new dump site outside Addis Ababa. Meanwhile the community there did not want the landfill, and so the garbage collectors moved back.