Ethiopia honors 200 loyal taxpayers

The Ministry of Revenue of Ethiopia honored 200 loyal companies and highest tax payers for Ethiopia’s budget year concluded July 7, 2020.

The second round Federal Taxpayers’ Recognition Ceremony was held on Thursday evening in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The companies, which are awarded trophies for handling properly their balance sheets and paying taxes loyally, includes state enterprises such as Ethio Telecom and Commercial Banks of Ethiopia.

Ethio Telecom is honored becoming the top tax payer in the country paying close 21.6 billion birr, followed by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, which also contributed about 8.9 billion birr tax to the country last year. The program held at Unity Park recognizing the best 200 registered businesses that have maintained transparent conduct and paid their taxes in a timely manner.

“The awards, given to the business people who have abided by laws and regulations, is intended to encourage the entire business community to follow the lead in abiding by the law and do what is best for their country,” according to the social media post of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Top ten tax payers in Ethiopia
Following Ethio Telecom and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia the top ten companies, which generated huge amount of tax to Ethiopia last year are:
– 3rd Salini Empregelo about 4.7 billion birr from,
– 4th Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise about 2.8 billion Birr,
– 5th Heineken Breweries Ethiopia Limited close 2.4 billion Birr,
– 6th BGI Ethiopia close to 2.33 billion Birr,
– 7th Sur Construction around 2.32 billion Birr,
– 8th Dangote Cement Ethiopia around 2.04 billion Birr,
– 9th MOENCO Ethiopia 1.84 billion Birr,
– 10th East Africa Bottling Company (Coca Cola) 1.63 billion Birr.

The top tax payers ranking from 11th to 2oth place are:
– 11th Awash Bank about 1.39 billion Birr
– 12th National Oil Ethiopia (NOC) 1.28 billion Birr
– 13th Ethiopian Sugar Corporation close to 1.26 billion Birr
– 14th MOHA Soft Drinks Industry (Pepsi) close to 1.18 billion Birr
– 15th Hamza Usman Ali 767.5 million Birr
– 16th Hamid Trading close to 675
– 17th Bedele Brewery 618 million Birr
– 18th Oromia International Bank 546.8 million Birr
– 19th Nyala Motors around 545.5 million Birr
– 20th Messebo Cement around 535.8 million Birr
Compared to the previous year, during the budget year concluded July 7, 2020, Ethiopia’s annual tax collection has increased to 233.7 billion birr – almost one billion dollar (about 35 billion Birr) – 18 percent more from the previous year.