Ethiopia approves new media proclamation

The Council of Minister of Ethiopia today approves the news media proclamation that also governess internet-based media outlets, including newswire, syndicates, and social media, among others.

Unlike previous media laws of Ethiopia, the new law avoids unnecessary intervention and violations of press freedom by the government, according to Solomon Goshu, one of the lawyers engaged in the study of previous media laws of the country and drafting process of the new proclamation, who spoke to the state broadcaster – ETV.

The new law gives news websites, related digital media and wire services content producers to have a legal media license registered by the government and operate responsibly and freely. It also allows a foreign investor to have a minority share in a media company for the first time.

The new media law is also expected to help the state media to serve as purely serve independently as public media. The new media law is expected to be approved by the Ethiopian parliament in the coming weeks. It is recalled that a few months ago the country has introduced a media policy for the first time.

In a related development, the Council today also approved a ten year development plan, which is said will enable Ethiopia symbol of prosperity in the region.