Saudi to pay $266 minimum salary to Ethiopian maids

The governments of Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia have have reportedely reached consensus to make the minimum monthly salary of Ethiopian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia 1,000 Saudi Riyal (around $266).

This is indicated during the recent meeting between Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Ethiopia and Ahmed bin Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi, Minister of Labor and Social Development of Saudi Arabia.

The two sides have agreed to form a joint team which will oversees the implementations of their agreements every six months, according Walta reported quoting Saudi media.

he Ethiopian government will send qualified domestic workers who are medically fit to carry out their specific tasks as per Saudi regulations, according to the agreement the two sides signed last May. Ethiopia will also ensure that these maids have no criminal record.

The Saudi Arabia Government o its part emphasized its keenness to protect the rights of employers and domestic workers. Minister of Labor and Social Development helps employers open bank accounts for workers so they can transfer monthly salaries to their respective countries as mentioned in work contracts, according to the agreement.

Over the past few years, Ethiopian maids in Saudi Arabia have been complaining about human rights abuses, which include beating and killing by their employers. On the contrary there were also reports about Ethiopian maids attacking their employers.

Meanwhile following the restoration of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among others have become the major allies of their two neighbors across the Red Sea, vowing to strengthen economic and political ties.