Ethiopia police arrest one man carrying $43,000 forged dollar

Ethiopia police arrest one man carrying $43,000 forged dollar


The Federal Police of Commission of Ethiopia today arrested one man in Addis Ababa this week with carrying $43,000 forged U.S. dollar.

The police arrested the individual around Bole Michael area in Addis Ababa after getting information from whistleblowers, according to the communication office of the Federal Police. The report indicated that after capturing the suspect, the police officers have searched the individual and seized the $43,000 forged the individual was carrying and took him to Bole Sub city Police station.

The money was taken to the central bank – National Bank of Ethiopia – and proven to be forged, according to the report, which indicated that the case of the suspect is now in court. Meanwhile the report didn’t mention why the individual was carrying the forged USD and how he got it.

Reports show that in the past few years the illegal circulation of huge amount of foreign currencies, weapons and drugs has been growing in Ethiopia. Meanwhile report on the capture of such amount of forged U.S. dollars in Ethiopia is not common.