Commission registers 225,000 Ethiopian civil servants assets

Federal Ethics and Anticorruption Commission of Ethiopia (FEACE) has registered wealth and assets of over 225,000 civil servants and officials during the first six months of the current budget year of the country started July 8, 2020.

This is indicated by the Commission which held a meeting to discuss its six months performance. With the aim of combating corruption, Ethiopia ratified a law about a decade ago to make mandatory registration of assets and wealth of all civil servants and government officials.

Last June the Commission stated that it has registered wealth of 220,000 government officials and civil servants. From now onwards all new government employees are required to register their assets and wealth, according to Tsegaye Arage, Commissioner of FEACE. It is estimated that in Ethiopia there are a total of 1.1 million civil servants.

Several reports show that there are high levels of corruption in Ethiopia, although less high than in comparable regional countries. Examples of corruption include facilitation payments and bribes being necessary to keep land leased from the state or in order to obtain government contracts.