TOTAL Ethiopia introduces lubricant pack to tackle counterfeiting

TOTAL Ethiopia Share Company, affiliate of global integrated energy producer and provider, today introduced a new dynamic lubricant pack with innovative and premium design incorporating anti-counterfeiting features and improved labels and utility.

The changes will contribute to improve brand value of Total and will impact all the affiliates of the TOTAL Group, according to the press statement the company officials made this afternoon at the introduction of the new product at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Addis Ababa. “This new dynamic lubricant pack portrays performance at first sight; a rejuvenated, simpler and more compelling range for all TOTAL branded automotive lubricants. Besides creating a premium and modernized design of our labels and cans, the new dynamic lubricant packs also aim to create an optimized, simpler and more compelling range for all TOTAL-branded automotive lubricants,” the company said in its press statement.

“The new label design is inspired by the dashboard of a car. This concept was validated by a major market study as innovative and customer-centric, helping the product stand out significantly from its competitors. This major package upgrade is attributed to small package ranges unparalleled performance of automotive lubricants formulations and technology will remain intact,” the statement said.

The main features and benefits of the new dynamic lubricant packs include-
• New side handle that makes the can handy and
easier to carry.
• New innovative & premium design that captures
modernity and allows easier pouring.
• Enhanced product recovery with a more performant can.
• Strong brand impact & immediate product line
• visibility.
• QR code that authenticates the product.
• New educational pictograms that highlight products’
uses and benefits.
• Enlarged viscosity grade
• Product name with the background of the range’s color.
• Product’s benefits logo.
It is indicated that TOTAL Ethiopia will soon celebrate its seventy years’ of service in Ethiopian. TOTAL Ethiopia was established in 1950 as a petroleum product distribution company, developed its activities by acquiring the Mobil Oil East Africa assets in 2006. Today, the company operates with more than 160 service stations and five depots across the country, of which four are aviation depots, and a Fuels and LPG depot, the Dukem depot.

Dukem depot has a total storage capacity of more than 8 million liters of fuel, where the minimum official requirement is only half a million liters. It also stores up to 100 tons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), an electronically-operated LPG cylinder filling plant and an ethanol blending facility. This depot is uniquely situated to serve the industry at large with its extra installed capacity.

TOTAL Ethiopia is the first energy company which started to implement On Board Computer (OBC) on fuel trucks and company owned vehicles. Total Ethiopia is also a responsible citizen company who is actively promoting road safety, fighting against malaria, ensuring product quality and developing renewable energies such as solar energy.

TOTAL Ethiopia motivates young entrepreneurs through “TOTAL Startupper of the Year” program with the objective to identify and reward the best innovative and sustainable projects developed by young Ethiopian entrepreneurs.

The statement from the giant global company stated that globally TOTAL has some 100,000 employees engaged in production and supply of better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible.

Lubricants of Total are produced in 41 plants worldwide and with more than 5,800 employees in 150 countries. It is also indicated that lubricants of Total offer innovative, efficient and environmentally responsible services developed by more than 130 researchers and research and development center.