Ethiopia restores telecom, electricity services in Tigray

The Government of Ethiopia said it has restored telecom and electricity services in most of the towns in Tigray region. Tigray has been been in darkness with no electricity and absence of telecommunication services for about a month following a military confrontation between the federal government and Tigray peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) led militia.

“Following destruction to infrastructure by the criminal clique’s militia, which resulted in a communication’s and electricity blackout in the Tigray region, the relevant Federal stakeholders have been on the ground since Mekelle came under Federal command, repairing heavy damages sustained,” the Office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia said in its press statement.

“On December 10, 2020 Ethio Telecom shared in a media briefing the details of infrastructure damages caused to the Mekelle Core Site which resulted in telecom service disruptions in the region as of November 4, 2020. Following Mekelle coming under Federal command, Ethio Telecom technical experts managed to retrieve CCTV camera footage from the premises of the Mekelle Core Center, which showed masked men entering the compound and turning off power supply switches while Tigray Special Forces subdued company guards protecting the compound,” it said.

The statement noted that as of December 12, 2020, Ethio Telecom shared that mobile voice services in Mekelle city and Maiychew have been restored, in addition to Dansha, Humera, Maikadra, Turkan, Maytsebri, Korem and Alamata.

“As it pertains to electric power services, on December 13, 2020 Ethiopian Electric Power announced that electricity has been restored to Mekelle city and its vicinity. Cities and towns between Mekelle and Alamata have had power disruptions due to conductor and insulator damages sustained to transmission lines. Through the coordinated efforts of two technical teams, in addition to Mekelle and surrounding towns, power has also been restored in the north eastern part of the country – specifically Metema, Humera and Welkayit. Both service providers continue to undertake repair work to enable unhindered service provision in the region,” the statement noted.