Company to introduce refrigerated coffee to Ethiopian market

Company to introduce refrigerated coffee to Ethiopian market


Zing Coffee, a local company engaged in coffee business, announced that it is set to introduce refrigerated and non-alcoholic coffee to Ethiopian market.

Though such coffee product is usually found in other parts of the world, it is new to Ethiopian market, according to Dawit G/Selassie, General Manager of Zing Coffee. “We have prepared to provide a coffee which is known as ‘Nitro Coffee’, which is well refrigerated and nonalcoholic for its customer. This is not the only thing we have provide. We also have coffees with different package the market.”

The company has ten local workers, who are trained by Chinese teachers. The manager told that they are working hard to bring on the table their new product in their coffee shops around Bole and Arat Kilo.

The company also announce that they have bring the machineries for roasting and international standard coffee laboratory from Hong Kong and they have bought a high quality of coffee from ECX and to get to the market.

Though Ethiopia brags as the birth place of Coffee Arabica, the income the country is getting from export of value added (processed coffee) is insignificant. Raw bean still dominates Ethiopia’s export. Coffee is the number one export product of Ethiopia generating around $800 million annually on average.

Ethiopia’s revenue from coffee export has been declining over the past few years. The $882 million coffee export revenue of the country in 2016/17, has declined to $838.2 million in 2017/18.