Motorola unveils technology for safer cities, expands Africa footprint

By Edris Redi – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) has unveiled  advanced solutions and futuristic technologies for safer cities, the company stated.

In a press release the company sent to nBE in connection with its first event dedicated to critical communications in Africa, Motorola Solutions also stated that it is expanding its footprint as it secures businesses across Africa.

The company’s newest smart public safety technology, including apps, devices, infrastructure and future concepts were showcased at the first Mission Critical Africa event in Cape Town from on November 7 and 8.

Mobile intelligence solutions provide actionable data for public safety agencies, leading to greater efficiency, according to the press statement. In this regard, the technology company envisions a future where data driven Artificial Intelligence will take a greater role in public safety.

At the two-day event in Cape Town, South Africa, Motorola Solutions has showcased such advanced solutions and futuristic technologies, the company added. Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical radio and broadband technologies, innovative software applications and future public safety technology concepts were all presented at the event.

There’s a growing need among public safety agencies for critical actionable data, Danani Longwe, Motorola Solutions General Manager for South Africa, said. “Emergency services, along with the rest of the public sector are eager to gain advantages of technology to increase safety and efficiencies. There is increasing demand for broadband technologies, mobile apps, next generation command and control and advanced security solutions” Longwe added. “The majority of our customers in the region already understand that access to real-time intelligence is critical for their work”.

Powerful set of software tools demonstrated at Mission Critical Africa event help make cities safer by increasing public safety agencies’ situational awareness and capabilities. Other featured Motorola Solutions devices and apps, enable organizations to work more safely and collaboratively, thus helping their business thrive, according to Longwe.

Tunde Williams, Head of Field and Solutions Marketing EMEA for Motorola Solutions, said the company’s vision for smarter public safety includes use of Big Data and Artificial intelligence for greater efficiency.

“The abundance of data along with advanced AI technologies, such as deep learning and computer vision, will play a growing role for public safety agencies. With the help of technology we are moving to an era where we will be able to predict and prevent crime before it happens,” Williams added.

“Public safety organizations need not only the technology and tools to meet their evolving needs, but also a partner with specialized knowledge and experience to understand their challenges, find solutions and imagine new ways to get the job done”.