Making ICT investment in Ethiopia attractive for global market

The IDC market perspective insight analysis ‘Ethiopia ICT Landscape and Future Market Opportunities’ focuses on the opportunities likely to emerge within Ethiopia.

This positive outlook for the country is largely due to the government’s focus on liberalizing the telecommunications sector and allow for foreign investment. This move creates space for organizations and investors to explore opportunities in this changing ICT ecosystem which will have long-term benefits for the country.

The IDC market insight provides prospective investors and organizations with tangible insight into how they can fully leverage the changing shape of the ICT market in Ethiopia. Exploring the factors that need to be taken into account and the recommended actions, the report provides relevant information alongside a strategic roadmap for the future.

One of the key takeaways highlighted by the report is the conflicting information around the state and the level of liberalization that is planned. As one of the last countries on the continent to allow for the liberalization of the telecom market, Ethiopia will likely take a different path to its neighbors. This factor, along with analysis around the mobile license, privatization, and the impact of legacy systems and services, is expanded on in the IDC report, providing the investor with information that can support decision making and planning.

To further enhance the value provided by the report, IDC has included a number of recommended actions that are designed to offer the investor a pathway through existing complexities towards a more profitable and successful outcome. It touches on international gateways, infrastructure, ownership, and engagement with different agencies within the country.

“This report has been developed using in-depth research, industry best practice, and an innate understanding of the Ethiopian market,” says Francis Hook, Regional Consulting and Research Manager at IDC East Africa. “This makes it one of the most definitive toolkits for investors and organizations looking to benefit from the upcoming changes to the Ethiopian ICT sector over the next few years.”