Huawei Ethiopia hosts job fair in Hawassa

Huawei Ethiopia hosts its first regional job fair in Hawassa and Haromaya cities on June 21 and 22 respectively. Mind Solutions PLC (IMS),, and, as well as Hawassa and Haromaya Universities, are collaborating on the job fair.

Huawei Ethiopia has organized a number of job fairs to promote opportunities to graduate students. For example, on May 9 and 10, 2022, the company held its second annual hand shaking forum in the Capital in collaboration with Addis Ababa University.

In addition, the company is holding its first-ever regional job fairs in Hawassa and Haromaya, with the goal of providing job opportunities to local residents. Huawei is encouraging new graduates from all over Ethiopia to apply internships and jobs at the company.

It also offers a specific internship program that allows fresh graduates to participate in a three-month internship at its Ethiopian headquarters to indorse access and recruitment opportunities. This year’s goal is to provide internship opportunities for more than 300 interns, and more than 90% of that goal has already been met.

At this job fair, it is planned to collect over 1,000 resumes from new graduates of various universities, among whom Huawei-certified students will receive special consideration. On May, over 500 resumes from professionals in science, engineering, math, and information technology were collected at the handshaking forum.

The company arranged interviews with the applicants and distributed their lists to its partners to be recruited for potential job opportunities. The same will be done with the resumes collected at this job fair. The job expo will travel to other regional cities.

According to current student operation data, over 4,500 students are registered and associated with ICT academies, and over 2,200 students are active and attending online and onsite classes. At the moment, 339+ students from Hawassa and 345+ students from Haromaya have registered and are affiliated with these ICT academies.

Huawei has a long history of training and certifying new graduates and providing them with the latest industry trends such as Datacom, Artificial Intelligence, Storage, LTE, Bigdata, Wireless LAN and others. It will continue to bring innovative ICT solutions to Ethiopia, as well as actively promote the development of the country’s ICT industry and collaborate with local partners to create a fully connected Intelligent World.