Ethiopia to setup commission to heal the nation

In an attempt to end the growing hate and anger among different groups in the country, Ethiopia parliament on Tuesday approves a bill that give green light for the establishment of national reconciliation commission.

After the country introduced ethnic federalism in early 1990s by the current regime, promoted by some political elites ethnic related violence has been occurring in different parts of the country.

The new commission Ethiopia is establishing, which is more of the South African truth and reconciliation commission introduced after the end of appraised, is expected to bring peace and harmony among the 76 ethnic groups found in the country.

It is also expected to bring face to face those who committed crimes against humanity while they were in power with those whose human rights were violated. So that forgiveness and justice will be restored healing the nation once and for all, according to the preamble of the bill.

Even though the need for having a national reconciliation has been promoted by the many opposition parties for the past several years, the ruling coalition Ethiopia Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has been opposing the idea.

The idea gets government attention following the coming to power of the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who ended the dominance of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) with in the ruling coalition.