Ethiopia to repatriate 1,400 people from Tanzania, Yemen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia says the government is working to repatriate 1,300 Ethiopians trapped in Tanzania on their way to South Africa.

In addition, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nebiat Getachew on Friday told reporters that preparatory work has been finalized to repatriate 103 Ethiopians from war torn Yemen through joint efforts of the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti, the Government of Djibouti and International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Taking the current situation in Lebanon into consideration, Mr. Nebiat said the Government of Ethiopia is doing its level best to ensure the safety of its citizens is protected.

During the weekly briefing Mr. Nebiat touched on political diplomacy, public diplomacy, economic diplomacy and citizen-centered diplomacy activities of the government of Ethiopia over the last seven days.

In relation to political diplomacy, Mr. Nebiat highlighted the meeting that was held this week in accordance with Article 8 dialogue of the Cotonou agreement between Mr. Gedu Andargachew and resident European Union Ambassadors.

At the meeting, the Foreign Minister elucidated issues that guide Ethiopia-EU comprehensive cooperation according to the Cotonou agreement, the spokesperson added. The Spokesperson also said: “following the dialogue, it was stated that the EU’s full cooperation with Ethiopia is exemplary to others, and that the member states will continue to strengthen their cooperation at the level of the Union, as well as individually.”

Mr. Nebiat also briefed journalists on the Ethio-Norway Political Consultation held in Oslo last week. The spokesman also indicated that Ethiopia and Norway exchanged views on issues of mutual interest to further strengthen the long standing cordial bilateral relations that exist between them.

Norway reaffirmed the Ethiopian delegation that it supports the comprehensive political, economic and social reforms the Ethiopian Government is undertaking, the spokesperson added.

In stating the Ethiopian Government’s commitment to forge strong people-to-people relations with other nations, Mr. Nebiat said his Government has warmly received the Sudanese public diplomacy team that arrived in Addis Ababa yesterday for a three-day official visit.

According to the Spokesperson, the Sudanese 50-members group led by the International Friendship Council of Sudan will hold talks with various bodies in Ethiopia notably President Shale-work Zewde, House Speaker Tagesse Chafo and others to consult on issues that can further solidify the people-to-people relations between the two countries.

Similarly, Ethiopia is finalizing preparations to send a 50-members public diplomacy team to Uganda next week, said the spokesperson.

The delegation will be led by Honorable Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chafo comprising high-ranking officials, religious leaders, prominent figures, intellectuals, artists and media bodies, the spokesperson added.

According to the spokesperson, the Ethiopian delegation will hold talks with various members of the public, including Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni.

In stating the notable achievements of the Ethiopian Government in forging economic ties with others and the keen interest of foreign investors to invest in Ethiopia, Mr. Nebiat recalled the Ethio-Korea Investment Forum held in Addis Ababa and the Ethio-Kuwait Investment Forum held during the week.

He also said Addis Ababa will host Ethio-German Investment Forum and Ethio-Saudi Business Forum next week.

Mr. Nebiat said due to his Government’s special focus on citizens, 100 Ethiopian women who were in the Sudanese refugee camps were admitted to Metemma town yesterday by two buses. SOURCE – MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF ETHIOPIA
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