Ethiopia doesn’t need foreign force for Tigray operation

The national Defense Force of Ethiopia doesn’t need foreign force support for its ongoing operations against Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) “very amateur militia”, says Government official.

“The Northern command itself was alone enough to fend of the entire Ethiopian sovereignty from the northern part. And if it was enough to fend of Eritrean aggression when we were at odds, now it is capable of subduing its own very amateur special force and militia. So we don’t need to invite anybody to just take care of our business. Because it becomes unbecoming it wouldn’t add much while you are capable of doing,” said Ambassador Redwan Hussien, Spokesperson of the Command Post established by Ethiopian government to handle the current situation in Tigray Region.

“But we made it clear that they were producing uniforms of Eritrean government. Why, they are doing two things. One we already has Eritrean opposition parties operating in Ethiopia when we were at odds. They feeding our opposition forces and we were doing the same. It is like tit-for-tat. Now it is over…Now we brought ours, but theirs didn’t wish to go. So we let them live. But there is no support. There is no military operation. They are just as refugees,” he said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

“Now these TPLF people have been trying to convince these opposition parties to put on Eritrean soldiers clothes (uniform). And then they say they were fighting sent by Eritrean Government. While we know they are opposition parties. While we know they have been here for decades. It is a kind of a deception to just propagate that the Eritrean Government meddling in Ethiopia,” Ambassador Redwan said.

In addition the TPLF people have also been trying to convince the Eritrean refuges found in Tigray Region “to say that they are sent by the Eritrean Government to fight alongside Ethiopian Government and their spear campaign would seem to hold water,” according to Ambassador Redwan. His comment came two weeks after the Ethiopian military force is forced to engage in military operations in Tigray Region northern part of the country to bring to justice the TPLF leaders it labeled as ‘junta’ who are accused of crimes against humanity, mega corruption, war crimes and treason, among others.