Ethiopia detains 600 people for displacing millions

Ethiopia detains 600 people for displacing millions


The committee assigned by the Ethiopian Parliament said 600 people are so far detained for fueling conflicts and displacing millions of people in in the country over the last one year.

The study presented to the parliamentarians today by the Muferiat Kamil, Minister of Peace indicated that the court proceedings of 400 of the suspects in underway. She also mentioned that some regional authorities are refusing to handover individuals suspected of fueling conflicts and causing internal displacement. While some regions are using the displaced people as hostage to demanding various things from the federal government.

Currently 2.5 million people in Ethiopia are displaced. The committee has visited 27 temporary shelters. The committee has made the study in Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and Southern regions of Ethiopia. Out of the total 2.5 million internally displaced people 1,477,720 are found in Oromia while 873,272 are in Southern region.

It is indicated that the country needs 19.8 billion birr (around $700 million) to take back the displaced people and rehabilitate them.

The 25 pages report, which failed to cover the status of internaly displaced people in other regions, regions shows that currently Tigray Region is hosting 111,464 internally displaced people followed by Amhara region with 107,097 people. The report stated that some 700,000 internally displaced people have so far returned to their previous places and rehabilitated.