Ethiopia Defense Council discusses reform progress

As part of the ongoig reform, the Defense Coucil of Ethiopia held a consultation meeting at Prime Minister Office on  legal operational frameworks, organization and efficeiency of the military.

They also assessed the progress made over the past months since the country launched defense system reform.

The Council on Friday discussed on ways of equipping the military with latest technology so that it will compete with other countries. The consultation led by Commander in chief of the military force, PM Abiy Ahmed.

There will also be general institutional reform by relocating members of the army who were for long time at fortress to training camps.

The Council deliberated on tangible achievements gained from cascading the ongoing reforms to the lower levels of the army and gaps shown in the process.

The Defence Council has put a direction on how to further the implementation of major issues, according to the statement of Press Secretary of the PM Office.

In a related development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has indicated that next week Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will discuss with 60 Ethiopian Ambassadors, the newly appointed and the existing.

The week long discussion will focus on the diplomatic achievements over the past 10 months, the newly appointed Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Nebiat Getachew said.