Ethiopia, Russia set to strengthen business ties


The governments of Ethiopia and Russia are set to expand business ties on multiple frontiers, ranging from nuclear energy development to Russians investment in mining in Ethiopia.

The Innovation and Technology Ministry of Ethiopia and Russian Science Academy have agreed establish biological research center in Ethiopia. The center will be established after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Vladimir Putin of Russia will consult. This is indicated during the meeting of Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology, Getahun Mekuria (Eng.) and the newly appointed Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Yevgeny Terekhin.

The two sides have also discussed about the planned joint commission of Ethiopia – Russia meeting agendas and schedule, according to the social media post of Innovation and Technology Ministry of Ethiopia.

They have also consulted on the implementation of the roadmap for developing nuclear technology in Ethiopia for the use of medical and power generation, the report stated. It is indicated that the two sides have also discussed on how Russian investors will invest in the mining sector in Ethiopia mainly, gold and tantalum mining. Latest reports show that income of Ethiopia from minerals export has been declining over the past few years.